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Get to Know Us

Essex Premium E-Liquids
Live To Vape

General Contact:
1422 N. Miller St. Ste. 1C
Wenatchee, WA 98801

CEO - Dennis Weddle

Our Story:

CEO and founder of Essex E-Liquid, Dennis Weddle, opened the his first vape store in Wenatchee, WA. That was 2011 and the store shelves were stocked with e-liquid from various wholesale distributors. Personally vaping for seven years at the time, Dennis decided to start experimenting with flavors and ended up created his first line of e-liquid. He named it, Vaping Vinnie and sold it exclusively at the Wenatchee Vape Shop location. Using his ability to create premium e-liquid blends, Dennis produced two more lines for the store, Bear E-Juice and Kool Vapes E Liquid.

At the start of 2012, after 14 months of meticulously perfecting his creation, Dennis launched a line of high-end, premium e-liquid which is now known as our Just Dripping and Seduction lines.

Using his vape shop as a testing location Dennis debuted the first six flavors of Essex E Liquid in March of 2013. At this time, he had the opportunity to partner with a marketing guru, forming Essex E Liquid. By 2014, the Just Dripping and Seduction lines from Essex had gained numerous wholesale customers.

Dennis turned over the vape shop in Wenatchee to his partners and began to solely focus on continuing to develop Essex E Liquid.

Shortly after, Essex moved to a facility exclusively for manufacturing and distributing their lines of e liquid. The Essex facility includes a Clean Room laboratory built by C.B.I., Inc. Additionally, Essex has their own in house graphic design and printing facility, storage rooms, office spaces and shipping department.

Essex currently manufactures 20 lines of e liquids. Some are single flavors while some have more than thirty flavors to choose from. Each line has it's own unique story and flavor identity.

Essex continuously works hard to keep ahead of industry standards and FDA Regulations. This thoroughness secures the integrity and longevity of Essex E Liquid. Most importantly, it protects our customers, distributors, and stores.

To this day, Dennis can be found in the lab after hours, experimenting with flavor combinations. Dennis is well-known for his passion for creating irresistible premium e-liquids, "It still blows me away that I am able to do what I love for work! Creating new flavors and lines has became my favorite past time."

Essex strives to create the best possible relationships with our customers and vendors alike. Whether, you are a retail customer, wholesale customer or distributor, we will go above and beyond to ensure we exceed your expectations. We are grateful for all of our customers and the wonderful individuals we have met along this journey. Our relationship with YOU is our most valuable asset!

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